Rules and Regulations in Soccer

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April 11, 2018
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Rules and Regulations in Soccer

Like any other game soccer too have some rules and regulations. As it is an international sport the laws of soccer are very precise. Everyone has to follow the laws very strictly. As we know that the rules of soccer are maintained by International Football Association Board (IFAB). There are 8 members in IFAB among which four are from FIFA and other four are from England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Recently FIFA published a 140-page long book which is very useful for a player who wants to understand football.

First Things First: Field Dimensions

All stadiums and soccer grounds were not prepared similarly, naturally, they all are having different dimensions and sizes. So, FIFA came here with an excellent easy plot which will let any nation or club restructure their ground compared to the required dimensions.

  • The length must be between 90 to 120 meters.
  • Now coming to the width, this can be extended up to 90 meters from 45 meters.

A soccer game can be played on a square ground too, but as long as the history inspires us and the entertaining factor sets requirement, the field will be as we see in present days.

Player Count: Numbers and Further Interchanges

Officially this sport is played with a team of eleven players. Obviously, the goalkeeper is included.

  • Substitution Act: FIFA supports a match to operate 7 times to interchange players from the bench to the ground. Each of the two team can do a change of 3 players.
  • But most of the friendly matches never follow this rule. In those matches, they try to make every player play the match who was on the bench before.

Ball Throws: In and Out

How would one know that the ball is not anymore inside the asked filed? Here the players are ordered to follow the referee’s whistle for each time. The white dragged line is the parameter, a referee whistles when the ball goes on the outside. This time a player has to throw it in, but from which team? The team which has sent the ball out will lose possession of the ball while the other team will throw in.

Match Fouls: Very Basic Thing

Off the pitch there always run a controversy and critic reviews about the last match’s foul reports. Yeah, a referee has to go through everything like this after the match. So their decision should all the time remain unbiased.

Like the throw in of the ball foul also requires a player of the opposite team to kick in the ball to start the match. This time to referee will whistle to indicate what wrong has happened. But, the problem is when the referee shows Yellow Card to a fouled layer or moreover a Red Card. This is the nightmare of every footballer, they should also maintain the gentleness all over the sports.

Finally Comes- GOALS!

Everything related to this sport occurring at the different moment are aimed to produce multiple goals. This is the only target of any team when they are in action on the ground.

The team which has a possession on the ball and they are approaching in an attacking mode, the players should pass the ball between their other teammates. When they reach enough distance, they can take a chance and shoot the ball to the Goal trying to beat the goalkeeper.


The above-detailed article was dedicated to those who are eager to know how a soccer match goes. Very brief explanations are provided to be able to understand. A sport like a soccer will never be surpassed, the all-around fitness a player gets from this sport is also mind-blowing. If you are obsessed with fitness and thinking about joining gym think again, you may find this sport more effective than any other work out in this world.

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