Soccer Uniform- Look great when you play great
April 11, 2018
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There is the proper way of how to choose a proper cleat for the game. There are so many of different types of shoes available and they are also designed for some specific players for some specific positions in the game. The shoe is the most important equipment in the game of soccer where feet are used and a shoe is an equipment to be used the maximum. As soccer is the game with boots each and every soccer player have the responsibility to know about which footwear is better for them and why. Wearing a wrong one can be a danger to the player. There are even some ways to choose the right cleats for the game:

In search of perfect stud pattern

In a pitch, if it doesn’t rain regularly, one should use ground shoes. Firm ground shoes have 10 or more studs and are equally distributed in the base of the shoe. Also allowing a player to have a flexible nature design for motion.

Soft and hard surfaces:

There are places which sometimes because of rain becomes so soft that the spikes can get stuck into it if it is not a proper cleat. Similarly, for harder surfaces so there is a need for proper cleats in the proper situation. During rain, there is a situation where a player has to deal with both hard and soft surfaces. A player should be ready for these kinds of situations in a match and should be prepared beforehand and know which one to prefer in those situations.

Selecting your shoe for your position

For strikers or forward players, they will need a shoe for a proper hit, lighter shoe and should be more comfortable. For defense point of view, the shoe will have to bear a lot of punishment in the game. It should withstand all the damages done on the field. Being in a goalkeeper’s role, the most important part is traction. A shoe which can handle the continuous movement of the player.

The right shoe for your feet

Soccer cleats are made of different materials. It depends on the player to choose what kind of material is he going to use. Cleats made of calf/goat leather are cheaper than that of the one made-up of kangaroo leather. The fitting of the shoe of the next best thing to consider if finding your sized shoes are difficult in the market.

The weight of the boot

As years pass, the weight of boots decreases and is becoming more and more comfortable to wear the lightweight shoes. more the light the shoe is better it is for the play. Lightest weighed shoe till now was pumas of only 5.0 oz. As the game ant time progress, there can be a further decrease in the weights of cleats. But with lightweight, there can be a question of the durability of the boots too.


Sometimes when a player is not properly informed about the uniform it may be a nightmare for that person if he buys a shoe of a wrong choice. The problems may not be known if not focused correctly. Soccer is a game played almost entirely on the leg, with the use of feet. If the main equipment is a failure then how can someone expect the team to win? A proper choice of Cleats requires a good knowledge of the game, the player’s own game position, type of play, merit, and demerit of the kind of shoe the player is going to spend money on. A lack of knowledge about cleats for a soccer player is like a student not able to write alphabets and is asked to make sentences.

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